About Us


We are a team of concerned parents and educators with a desire to initiate a much needed revival of our Islamic heritage. This initiative is the establishment of a secondary school which will proffer a solution to a number of problems identified with the current state of our Ummah.

At Al-Hidaayah, a high value is placed on self-direction, personal responsibility and self-discipline as a means for developing the self.  Our focus is not only the academic, but also the spiritual and moral growth of our students.


Our aim is to provide an enabling environment that will give young Muslims a holistic education. The idea is to train our youth to realise that worldly success / achievements and Islamic excellence can go hand in hand. We want our children to understand that their desire to attain professionalism must not be at the detriment of their aakhirah – the Deen must always come first.

Secondary education is the period of adolescence – the stage at which a youth’s character, personality and identity is formed. This is the stage that determines the type of adult that youth develop into. Thus if we are to develop the right Ummah, we have only one shot at it: we need to mould the youth today if we are to turn them into role models for future generations.

Picture a new generation of our youth: Role models for both the young and old; extraordinary professionals who are also standard bearers of their religious faith; outstanding leaders who possess the best of manners and character and successful individuals who do not compromise the essential requirements of their Deen (religion). For the Muslim student, this will mean the correct knowledge and application of the Qur’an and Sunnah and the consciousness and fear of Allah. For the non-Muslim student, this will mean a value on knowledge and God consciousness.

Now, picture an opportunity to create the place where this new generation will be shaped. As we all know, ‘it takes a village to train a child’ – this is what Al-Hidaayah Academy is about.