At Al-Hidaayah Academy, we aim to provide a holistic and fun educational experience for our students and as such, they will have the opportunity to be part of different exciting clubs each term. Some of these are:

  • Language Club – in this club students would use a computer based program to learn a language of their choice.
  • Olympic Sports Club – in this club they would have the opportunity to learn an individual Olympic Sport such as Badminton with an aim to have an end of year event. Other team sports may be introduced.
  • Writer’s Club – this club is for students who want to learn or improve on different types of writing from poetry to fiction to essays and short stories.
  • Taekwondo Club – this club is for students wanting to learn or further develop their martial arts skills.
  • Coding Club – in this club students would learn how to code which could enable them to progress to a variety of exciting careers.